Data Acquisition is a process where the parameters from the machines are extracted through an intellectual method, this process varies from machine to machine. There is no competitors who are as flexible as we are with data acquisitions, we work with all leading PLC brands for data acquisition such as Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain, Haas, Mitsubishi, Mazak etc. Data Acquisition has been the varsity and strength of Our Company, our innovation has been instrumental in being way ahead in the technical architecture, SRKS IS the first company in Bangalore, to bring complete IT into the Manufacturing. Machine to Machine concept is seamless and scalable. Machines which Manufacture also talk, SRKS gave the presentation to the same. Every machine in a family is built in a way, understanding the specifics of the machine and writing the logic for the same is the strength.

We either use the platform or use the libraries/OPC to get the specific data from the machine, modelling of data after that is a cake walk with the pre-determined formats.

Data Acquisition has two methods:

  • Through Hardware
    • Necessary Information shall be collected through Controllers and wiring for the same shall be done.
    • Parameters for cycle time, downtime and entry for down codes can be provided which shall attribute to the availability of the machine.
  • Through Software
  • Several Controllers have their own way of pushing the data
    • Through Drivers
    • Through OPC
    • Within the Windows Environment.

Industrial Automation

SRKS has an inbuilt automation team capable of programming and commissioning automation systems.

  • Expertise on building ladder programs and FBD’s.
  • Capability in handling programming for all leading PLC’s
  • Annual Maintenance contracts to Process Automation Companies
  • Expertise In handling turn key projects on PLC’s, SCADA and HMI.
  • Pioneers in handling OPC for MES and system integration.
  • Custom made solutions with loosely coupled architecture.


Integration of Application and ERP:

Lot of data from the data needs to be updated to ERP, remember ERP is a one point application which holds all the backend data. All the data from the front End applications such as Job card shall be pushed to back end and similarly if information from ERP such as scheduling information and pulled into the applications. Our software team has multiple architectures in place for the integration to happen. Software such as Production Monitoring, inventory monitoring on a FIFO wants its data to be saved in ERP. We have done the same at multiple customer location with different ERP’s such as SAP, QAD and Oracle. Currently our various solutions such as Inventory, Tool Crib, Job Card, Production monitoring have been integrated with ERP with ease.


Quality plays a major role in driving a software product or an application to meet the business needs accurately. We as a software testing service provider, ensure such a quality to the products. We provide you the best solutions which are cost effective and more control over the process, resulting in higher productivity of your existing teams and releases. Outsourcing the testing part to a service provider shall always be a best fit solutions since a dedicated team can ensure quality of the product exceeding the expectation.

We perform the below testing for the software products to ensure quality.

  • Functional Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Migration Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Production Testing
  • Database Testing


Why to Choose SRKS Software Solutions for testing service?

  1. Low Cost&nbsp: We use open source tools like QA complete for test management and Selenium for automation testing.
  2. Issue Reporting: The issues logged are mapped to specific functionality which can be regression tested with well-defined impact analysis.
  3. Effective Testing process/procedure to meet the industry standards. Well defined review process.
  4. ROI analysis for the work we do. Beneficial and best fit solution for the client.
  5. Documentation:Traceability matrix, Functionality coverage , defect life history and stability check , Testing strategy , Test Planning and test execution , defect metrics.
  6. On time delivery according to the commitment and graphical reporting for status analysis.

Security & Confidentiality for Onshore applications (source code)

The application/product need not be transferred /installed in the local machine rather it can be accessed and tested through remote machine using VPN. Virtual Private network is created which can be accessed through private keys which are confidential.


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